Couple tie the knot in living room amid coronavirus chaos

Yvonne Ure and William Clark refused to let the Covid-19 outbreak derail their wedding day.

It wasn’t exactly the wedding ceremony they had imagined.

But after Yvonne Ure and William Clark’s big day was cancelled, they decided to go ahead and get hitched anyway – in their friend’s living room.

The couple were supposed to get married at the Cadder Freestone in Bishopbriggs with 160 guests in attendance.

But after the government banned all mass gatherings, bar manager Yvonne was determined not to miss out on her special day.

She married William just days before new restrictions on movement and social distancing came into effect to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

Yvonne said: “We were just wanting to be married and I just wasn’t having anyone stopping me.

‘We were just wanting to be married and I just wasn’t having anyone stopping me.’

Yvonne Ure, the bride

“We just done it, champagne was on ice in the kitchen, we signed our register in the kitchen. The photos were great.

“At least our wedding will have a wee bit of history to it,” she added.

The couple are planning to renew their vows with a bigger celebration next year.

Thousands of couples across Scotland are in the process of postponing and re-arranging their weddings due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Dozens of suppliers and venues say they working together to make it through a challenging financial period.

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