Council tells residents not to put bins out due to COP26 strike

A statement has urged the people of Glasgow not to leave their rubbish out for collection until November 8.

Council tells residents not to put bins out due to COP26 strike iStock

Glasgow residents have been told not to put their bins out as strikes kick off across the city. 

The council has released a statement urging people not to leave their rubbish out for collection from today November 1 to November 8.

Street cleansing teams have commenced industrial action after GMB Union talks on pay regarding an offer from Cosla collapsed. 

It comes as leaders and visitors  from all over the world including US President Joe Biden arrive today for climate summit COP26 at the SEC. 

Glasgow City Council said: “Due to industrial action all cleansing services are currently disrupted. Do not present your household refuse bins for collection  on the usual day.

“We will now revert to our contingency plans.“

The council asked people to “minimise” the amount of waste they create or to compact it as much as they can. 

Residents have been told if general waste bins become full and the rubbish can’t be stored inside their homes they should double or triple bag it before leaving it next to the “general bins” they use. 

A council statement added: “The strike action is due to conclude on November 8 and, due to the number of collections that could be missed during this time, it is likely to take a number of weeks before services return fully to normal.”

It confirmed that all household waste and recycling services are likely to be affected as well as  are garden, food and commercial waste services.

GMB Scotland accused Glasgow City Council of acting in “bad faith” and failing “to give our members proper time and space to discuss the 11th hour offer from Cosla.”

The council said: “GMB has now decided to follow through with industrial action in Glasgow – despite publicly announcing on Friday, October 29, to suspend the strike to consider the improved, national pay offer from Cosla.”