COP26: Airbnb offers Glaswegians bonus to host delegates amid shortage

With around 30,000 people expected to take part in the UN climate conference, the city has an accommodation shortfall.

COP26: Airbnb offers Glaswegians bonus to host delegates amid shortage STV News

Glaswegians are being offered a bonus to open their homes to those visiting the city for the United Nations climate summit next month.

With around 30,000 people expected to attend COP26, there is a major shortage in accommodation with only around 15,000 hotel rooms in Glasgow.

Government ministers are hoping for a Glasgow Agreement at COP26 that will see countries around the world act to prevent climate catastrophe, and locals could play a part by providing delegates somewhere to stay.

“I just think ultimately sharing your home with someone is a really generous gift to give, and especially for the purposes of a conference, which is probably one of the most significant conferences this year if not for a long while is COP26,” said Phillipa Farnese who is hosting a US delegate in her flat near the SEC.

Phillipa Farnese is hosting a US delegate in her home.Handout

“I think of the feel good factor, to know you might be hosting a delegate that might make a difference is quite astounding.

“To try and look after the delegates, to make sure they have a nice comfy bed, so they can do their vital work of solving the crisis.”

Being hosted on the banks of the Clyde at the Scottish Exhibition Centre, COP26 will run from October 31 until November 12 and is an unprecedented event in terms of its scale in the UK.

Airbnb, the online accommodation marketplace, is offering a £100 welcome coupon to those in the Greater Glasgow area who can help tackle the lodging crisis by hosting their first guest during the summit.

Glaswegians are being urged to host delegates during COP26.Handout

In a bid to play a part in the mission of the summit, Airbnb will donate all of its service fees for Glasgow stays during the conference to Zero Waste Scotland – the publicly-funded body that promotes the circular economy.

Iain Gulland, chief executive of Zero Waste Scotland, said: “This is a fantastic pledge from Airbnb. To truly end the climate crisis, we need to change how we consume.

“This donation will be a great boost to the work we are doing in Scotland to help citizens and businesses choose more sustainable ways to live, use the things we need and share resources.”