Brewery vows to cut off beer supply to Wetherspoons

West Brewery said they would 'rather sweep the streets' than do business with Tim Martin.

Brewery vows to cut off beer supply to Wetherspoons West Brewery

A Glasgow brewery has vowed to stop supplying Wetherspoons in response to the pub chain’s treatment of staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

West Brewery said they would “rather sweep the streets” than do business with Wetherspoons owner Tim Martin.

Beer: The West Brewery is based at Glasgow Green.

Pubs and restaurants were told to shut by Prime Minister Boris Johnson as part of measures to try to stop the spread of Covid-19 on Friday, March 20.

Martin came under fire for failing to assure his staff that their wages would be paid while they were unable to go into work.

In a video on the Monday evening, he told tens of thousands of employees he would pay them up until the pubs last opened, but said there would be no further payments until the Government fulfilled its promise to cover 80% of the wages of workers affected.

Instead, he suggested that staff should consider taking jobs at Tesco to make up for the loss in pay.

Following the Government’s pledge to guarantee 80% of pay for many workers, Wetherspoons announced it would pay its staff under the scheme and stated that the company’s actions were “responsible and sensible in the difficult circumstances”.

However, West Brewery has not forgiven the company’s initial stance.

In response to a Twitter post asking if the brewery, based at Glasgow Green, would consider stopping its supply of artisan beers to Wetherspoons, a spokesperson responded: “Don’t worry. We made that decision last week. 

“We’d rather sweep the streets than do business with people like him.”