Body builder faces jail in 'landmark' toxic fat-stripping pill case

DNP is a highly toxic chemical which, if ingested, can prove fatal - it has killed at least 33 people in the UK.

Body builder Jamie George faces jail in ‘landmark’ toxic fat-stripping dinitrophenol DNP pill case Getty Images

A body builder and gym boss will be sentenced for supplying toxic fat-burning pills in the first case of its kind in Scotland.

Jamie George, from Denny, will appear for sentencing at Stirling Sherriff Court on Tuesday, July 4.

DNP is a highly toxic chemical which, if ingested, can prove fatal.

Historically, though, it has also been used by the bodybuilding community as a way of stripping fat.

George’s charge is the first of its kind involving DNP to be prosecuted in Scotland.

It is also the first major criminal investigation conviction for Food Standards Scotland.

Following an investigation led by Food Standards Scotland, along with Police Scotland and Falkirk Council, George has already pleaded guilty to a charge of culpably and recklessly suppling the public with 2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP) for human consumption knowing the substance was unsafe, injurious to health and potentially lethal if ingested, doing all of this to the danger of life.

Dinitrophenol is to be reclassified as a poison by the UK Government after it was found to be responsible for at least 33 deaths.

From October 1, 2023, DNP will be regulated under the Poisons Act 1972, which means anyone who wants to buy it will need a licence to do so via a registered pharmacist.

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