Bench in memory of cancer victim stolen from sister’s garden

The seat, dedicated to Jim Gordon, has been taken from Roberta Henderson's garden - with the memorial plaque left behind.

Bench in memory of cancer victim stolen from sister’s garden

A garden bench in memory of a cancer victim has been stolen from his sister’s garden.

Following the death of Jim Gordon, 56, in May, his sister Roberta Henderson placed the bench in her garden.

But it was stolen from Egilsay Street, Milton, Glasgow, on Saturday night and the memorial plaque removed and left behind.

Community group No1Seems2Care unsuccessfully appealed for its return — but then raised £220 from generous locals to replace it.

The group’s Facebook page said: “Jim was well loved and respected and his family are still grieving his loss after his long battle with cancer.

“They couldn’t even give him the full send off that he rightful deserved due to the restrictions that are in place for funeral services.

“Jim’s family are really upset,  distressed and emotionally disturbed. They are trying to figure out why someone would do such a hurtful thing, they are understandably taking this personally.

“But it’s most likely a Saturday night of drunken random mindless madness.”

Following the cash donation, Roberta said: “Myself and my sister are truly grateful — we can’t thank you enough we can now get Jim a bench that will be special.”