Airbnb host banned after hiking delegate’s COP26 room by £2000

Tan Copsey said his Airbnb host tried to charge him an extra £70 a night for his stay during the climate conference.

Airbnb host banned after hiking delegate’s COP26 room by £2000 iStock

An Airbnb host has been banned from taking bookings during COP26 after attempting to hike a delegate’s room rate by £2000.

Tan Copsey, a senior director at Climate Nexus, had booked accommodation in Glasgow for the UN Climate Conference in advance, however the host later contacted him saying he had “missed out on a great deal of money”.

He then asked Mr Copsey for an extra £70 per night during his stay in the city. 

Airbnb said it has “zero tolerance for this behaviour” and the host has been banned from taking bookings during the conference, which runs from October 31 to November 12. 

In correspondence posted on Twitter by Mr Copsey, the host said: “I have been made aware that over the course of your stay the average room price has gone up 400% in my area.

“It troubles me that I have missed out on a great deal of money due to your early booking. 

“I feel an additional payment of £70 per night would be a reasonable adjustment in this case.”

The host then goes on to claim that “inferior lodgings” would cost the delegate £400 per night. 

The booking was then cancelled by the host, claiming he had given Mr Copsey the “opportunity to agree to pay an additional fee to reflect the market price for short term lets during COP26 in Glasgow”.  

Mr Copsey posted the correspondence on his Twitter page, adding he was having “a great time” trying to secure accommodation during COP26.

He later tweeted he would be “fine” for accommodation during the climate conference. 

An Airbnb spokesperson said: ”We have zero tolerance for this behaviour and have taken action against the Host and blocked them from accepting other bookings during this period. 

“The guest has been refunded in full and we have offered support in helping them find alternative accommodation.”

The company added that it would be donating service fees for stays in Glasgow during COP26 to Zero Waste Scotland.

Mr Copsey has been contacted for comment.