Celtic fans target Rod Stewart in anti-Tory banner

The celebrity fan has been criticised for congratulating Boris Johnson.

Banner: Attacking Tories and Rod Stewart. SNS
Banner: Attacking Tories and Rod Stewart.

Celtic supporters have told celebrity fan Rod Stewart to f*** off after the veteran rocker congratulated Boris Johnson in a tweet.

A banner unfurled in the section of Celtic Park that houses the Green Brigade during Sunday’s game against Hibernian said “Tories not welcome. F*** off Rod”.

Self confessed Celtic die-hard Stewart was heavily criticised by fellow supporters after sending the tweet congratulating the PM just hours after his election win.

Celtic die-hard Stewart was heavily criticised. SNS Group

The veteran singer, who has a seat for life in Celtic Park, included a version of Irish ballad Grace on a recent album.

The song is also a favourite with the Parkhead faithful.

After sending the Tweet on Friday Stewart was inundated with thousands of replies including one from Paul The Tim retweeted the message saying: “Rod Stewart is cancelled”.

Ronan McGhee also replied saying: “Well done who? Don’t come back to Celtic Park” before Ross Logan added “Don’t ever want to see you wearing Celtic slippers again.”

Another fan urged Celtic to issue a lifetime ban with a fifth adding “Stay away from Celtic please.”

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