‘Treasured’ Olympic mural mysteriously painted over

The artwork in Kilmarnock has been painted over, upsetting people in the area.

Painted over: The much-loved Olympic mural is now gone. <strong>Creative Commons</strong>
Painted over: The much-loved Olympic mural is now gone. Creative Commons

A “treasured” Olympic mural has been painted over in Kilmarnock – much to the frustration of locals in the area.

The artwork featured four of the burgh’s 2012 torch bearers; triathlete Gregor Grant, karate expert David Coulter, swimmer Alan Jardine and boccia player Jamie McCowan.

East Ayrshire Council confirmed the mural on Sandbed Street had been painted over and expressed its disappointment at the move.

It said on social media: “We’re really disappointed about this but unfortunately we had no say in the matter.”


It is not currently known who is responsible for painting over the mural.

Jules Higgins, who lives in Kilmarnock, claimed whoever erased the artwork did so “with no thought to the community”.

She added: “It was a spectacular mural which showed the true core of Kilmarnock as a community.

“It showed generations now and those to come what fighting spirit truly is. It is not often we have such commendable things and for it just to disappear is truly sad.”


Ms Higgins had raised the issue at a council meeting on Wednesday, at which council leader Douglas Reid expressed his disappointment.

He said: “People have grown quite fond of it.”

The mural was painted on a wall behind a unit occupied by EE, who let it from Easton Property.

However, a spokesman for Easton Property said they had “no idea” who painted over it, did not approve the decision and are currently looking into the situation.

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