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Man ‘murdered’ outside pub found with ‘face hanging off’ 

A witness also told how he saw a man with a 'seriously big knife' walking away.

Owen Hassan: Died outside mum's pub.

A man allegedly murdered outside his mum’s pub was found with his “face hanging off”, a witness has told a murder trial.

James Nolan was part of the attempts to save dying dad Owen Hassan in November 2018 after finding the injured 30 year-old in the street beside the Old Stag Inn bar in Glasgow’s Pollokshaws.

The 65-year-old stated he then spotted a man with a “seriously big knife” apparently “strolling” away from the scene.

Mr Nolan was giving evidence at the trial of 30-year-old David Callaghan and Craig Corrall, 39, at the High Court in Glasgow, where they deny murdering Mr Hassan.

The witness had been at the pub on the night of the alleged killing for a meeting with other tradesman.

The bar is run by Mr Hassan’s mum Ann Marie Lynch.

The trial previously heard how Mr Hassan came in that evening to collect keys, left before Ms Lynch later became aware of an incident outside.

Speaking on Friday Mr Nolan told the court that he recalled getting a “fright” after hearing a “clatter”.

He went out and found Mr Hassan on the ground trying to get up.

He added: “I just thought it was a punching or a kicking. I never expected this.”

Mr Nolan then noticed another man “strolling” down before asking him “what the f*** are you doing”.

The man, who was holding a ‘butcher’s knife’ just turned around and stared at the witness before continuing on his way.

Mr Nolan said Mr Hassan’s mum grabbed him to try and get him back inside.

But, asked if he did return to the pub, he added: “No. I seen the state the boy (Mr Hassan) was in.

“I don’t think his mum actually saw what I did. I went for CPR, but his face was hanging off.

“His mother was on the phone to the paramedics.

“The boy was lying there and I put him in the recovery position. You could tell that it was pretty heavy.

“He was trying to talk, trying to get up. His eyes were going by the second, clouding over, but there was still life in him yet.

“I stayed with him until the paramedics arrived.”

Mr Nolan, who eventually did give CPR, said he tried to stop Miss Lynch seeing the extent of her son’s injuries.

The witness went on: “His face was off…like a hinge.”

Mr Nolan said he had got to know Miss Lynch since she took over the Old Stag Inn often helping with maintenance jobs.

Corral’s QC Thomas Ross later asked: “You shared a terrible experience where her son was killed outside the pub and were trying to help Owen before ambulance got there?”

Mr Nolan: “Yes.”

Prosecutors claim Mr Hassan was chased, seized by the body and the repeatedly struck with knives or machetes.

The trial, before Lord Woolman, continues.

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