Two men jailed for murdering Scots mum in Mauritius

Janice Farman, 47, was killed during a robbery at the home she shared with young son.

Janice Farman: Found dead at her home in Mauritius
Janice Farman: Found dead at her home in Mauritius

Two men have been jailed for murdering a Scottish woman during a robbery at her home in Mauritius.

Janice Farman, 47, was found dead at the home she shared with her ten-year-old son in the town of Albion on July 7, 2017.

Kamlesh Mansing, 27, was jailed for 33 years and 20-year-old Anish Soneea was locked up for 23 years by a judge in the an Indian Ocean island nation on Thursday.

Judge Veronique Kwok Yin Siong Yen said they “not only took the life of a defenseless woman, but deprived a child of ten years of his adoptive mother and who will have to live her life with the memories of this horrible night”.

Anish Soneea, Kamlesh Mansing and Ravish Rao Fakhoo

Ms Farman, who was originally from Clydebank in West Dunbartonshire, had lived in Mauritius since 2004 and was a director of data management company PECS Data Services.

Following her death, a spokesman for the company said Ms Farman had “devoted her life” to her son and described her as a “great leader”.

A third accused, Ravish Rao Fakhoo, will face a separate trial.

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