Taxi driver who had ear slashed calls for CCTV in cabs

Sajid Javed was attacked with a blade when he stopped his taxi to pick up two men in Glasgow.

Attacked: Sajid Javed was slashed and stabbed. <strong>STV</strong>
Attacked: Sajid Javed was slashed and stabbed. STV

By Courtney Cameron

Warning graphic image below.

A taxi driver who had his ear slashed in half during an unprovoked attack has joined calls for CCTV cameras to be installed in cabs.

Sajid Javed was assaulted in August when he stopped his taxi to pick up two men in Govan.


Once in the vehicle the pair slashed his ear and stabbed his head and back.

The 43-year-old has now been left with permanent damage to his hearing.

He said: “I got 43 stitches in total, it was such a shock. I thought I was going to die really, there was too much blood.

“I still feel pain, it’s really hard for me and my family.


“I don’t think I can go back in a taxi again, it was so scary. I won’t even open my window now.”

“I suggest that every private hire and every black cab have safety camera to prevent this. Safety comes first. I think cameras will really help.”

Mr Javed is just one of many drivers who say they no longer feel safe at work and want to make sure they are protected ahead of the busy festive season.

The pair slashed his ear and stabbed his head and back. STV

This week, a group of black cabbies and private hires from across the city had CCTV cameras installed in their vehicles.

It’s cost them around £600 each but drivers say they can’t put a price on safety.

Mohammed Amin, another taxi driver, said: “I’ve been attacked twice.

“One was physical assault, the second one was robbery.


“I feel much safer knowing I’ve got a camera installed – it will give me that sense of security.”

Local councillors and taxi drivers have come together to form a group to campaign for safer working conditions.

Councillor Bailie Kane, part of ENGAGE, said: “Each week we see a number of cases where the presence of a CCTV in the cab would have prevented that case coming to court in the first place.”

Nadeem Hussain, the drivers association: “It started in 2014, we got the CCTV approved and this is us now raising awareness because of the number of incidents out there.

“We really think safety should be top of the agenda for everyone.”

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