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Lawyer hits out at police Tweet over ‘inappropriate boast’

Aamer Anwar hit out at Police Scotland's 'boast' about locking up a shoplifter.

Police Scotland criticised by lawyer over Tweet. STV

A top lawyer has hit out after an “inappropriate boast” from a Police Scotland Twitter account.

Aamer Anwar responded after seeing the tweet from East Ayrshire Police about a 33-year-old woman who was arrested for shoplifting on Thursday.

The woman was arrested on King Street in relation to a shoplifting offence and allegedly found to be in possession of drugs.

It was signed off with the hashtag #OffToSeeTheSheriff.

Anwer said: “An inappropriate boast about the locking up of a woman, whose circumstances we know nothing about, addiction problems? homeless? in out of prison? Mental health issues? Trapped in cycle of crime & drugs?”

The Tweet sent from the @AyrshireEPolice account said: “A 33yr old woman was arrested & charged by police this afternoon in relation to a theft by shoplifting from a retail premises on King Street, Kilmarnock & possession of alleged class A, B & C drugs. #OffToSeeTheSheriff #KilmarnockLPT.

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