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Glasgow Airport alert after vaccine leak on plane

A suspicious package was discovered on a KLM flight which landed from Amsterdam on Friday.

Evacuation: Emergency services were seen on the runway. @evoscott

An aircraft was cordoned off at Glasgow Airport after concerns were raised over cargo on the plane.

A suspicious package was discovered on a KLM flight which landed from Amsterdam on Friday around 10am.

Around 20 firefighters, police and ambulance crews attended the scene and passengers were evacuated from nearby planes and the international area of the airport.

However, the package was declared safe and emergency services stood down around 1.30pm.

It is understood it contained glass tubes with vaccines and that a spillage had happened, however it was the dry ice around them which started to leak.

A spokesperson for KLM said: “On KL1473 from Amsterdam to Glasgow, a package on board packed in dry ice started to leak this afternoon.

“The package contained glass tubes with vaccines. These tubes have remained intact, only the cooling around them has started to leak.

“As a precaution, the fire brigade has deposited the immediate vicinity of the aircraft.

“Passengers have not been in danger. Passengers who would fly to Amsterdam were also taken off board as a precaution.”

A spokesperson for Glasgow Airport said: “At approximately 10am today, the airport fire service attended an arriving KLM flight in response to concerns raised over a piece of cargo.

“The incident was stood down at 13.25 after the package was declared safe by emergency services.”

The KLM plane caused concern. STV

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