Doctor accused of raping fellow medic after night out

Imran Khan, from Jordanhill, denies attacking a fellow doctor following a leaving night in Glasgow.

Court: Doctor accused of attacking fellow medic.
Court: Doctor accused of attacking fellow medic.

A doctor allegedly raped another medic after asking to go into her flat for a cup of tea.

Imran Khan from Jordanhill denies attacking his fellow doctor after a night out in Glasgow’s west end in July 2017.

During his trial at the High Court in Glasgow, jurors heard how the 30-year-old had turned down Khan’s suggestion of going to a hotel together before the alleged attack.

The pair had been colleagues at the time at a West of Scotland hospital when the woman had a small leaving party after her 12-months working there was over.


Khan joined her at the Innis and Gunn bar in Glasgow’s Ashton Lane along with a senior medic and his wife.

The court heard that Khan and the woman later went on the nearby Oran Mor venue where they shared a “30-second” kiss and he suggested going to a nearby Hilton hotel.

Asked why he had said this, the female doctor replied: “I think he was suggesting to have sex.”

She, however, reckoned Khan was “joking”.


But, the woman claimed she then went to the bathroom as she felt “a bit awkward”.

The doctor recalled: “I was hoping Imran may have left… I was a bit disappointed that he was still there.”

The court heard how they then got a taxi together – the plan was for the woman to get dropped off first but Kahn suggested coming for a cup of tea.

The witness: “I told him to go home.”

But, at her flat, Khan is said to have got out and sent the taxi away.

The woman told jurors she did not want to “leave him standing outside” so allowed him in to call another taxi.

She then recalled how as she went to put the kettle on, Khan followed and tried to kiss her.


At one point, Khan’s mobile rang.

The woman said: “I remember seeing a picture of his wife on his phone and saying: ‘She is beautiful – you should go home’.”

She claimed he went on to unzip her jumpsuit and “proceeded to have sex” with her.

She said she remembered “sobbing” until Khan had stopped. 

The court heard Khan got dressed, arranged a taxi and left.

The witness will resume her evidence on Thursday.

The trial, before Judge Sean Murphy QC, continues.

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