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Winter Gardens’ future unclear as People’s Palace reopens

Thousands of windows need to be replaced at Winter Gardens, leaving council with £7m bill.

Closure: Winter Gardens glasshouse needs a massive revamp. <strong>Creative Commons/Kim Traynor/Wikipedia</strong>
Closure: Winter Gardens glasshouse needs a massive revamp. Creative Commons/Kim Traynor/Wikipedia

The People’s Palace in Glasgow will reopen to the public later this week – but the adjoining Winter Gardens glasshouse will remain shut indefinitely.

Structural issues with the glasshouse forced the closure of both attractions in December.

Up to £7.5m is needed to revamp the Winter Gardens, with the sealant needed to secure thousands of windows requiring wholesale replacement.

Glasgow City Council said it was assessing its options, but stressed no decision had been made over its future.

The council spent £350,000 bringing the People’s Palace up to scratch, and it will reopen to the public on Friday.

It now features a new cafe and shop, as well as improved access to public toilets and a fire escape.

Councillor David McDonald, chair of Glasgow Life, said: “The People’s Palace is just that; it’s the official residence of the stories, the images, and the memories of the people of our great city, entertaining and informing Glaswegians with displays of how we lived, worked and played in years gone by.

“There was an understandably strong reaction to the suggestions of the possible closure of the People’s Palace, a clear demonstrations of its affection amongst the Glasgow public.

“So I’m pleased that it is now scheduled to reopen and vindicates our pledge that we would undertake the work to allow it to remain open while a long term solution is found to the challenges of the Winter Gardens.

“The People’s Palace collection belongs to Glaswegians and we’re glad they will continue to enjoy access to it.”

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