Grits ‘n’ Pieces: Keeping track of Scotland’s gritters

Followers can track winter service vehicles in their area using the Trunk Road Gritter Tracker.

Tracker: Scotland's gritters.
Tracker: Scotland's gritters.

As wintry weather starts to sweep across the country, Scotland’s gritters are gearing up to keep our roads safe.

The winter fleet for trunk roads has a total of 208 vehicles available for spreading salt and ploughing snow.

With names such as Chilly Connolly, Gritty Gritty Bang Bang and Sir Andy Flurry, the vehicles have become a bit of a sensation.

STV News’ meteorologist Sean Batty even gained his very own gritter namesake last year, Thawin’ Batty.


Followers can track the gritters in their area using the Trunk Road Gritter Tracker.

It displays the current location of gritters and a trail with an age range for where gritters have previously passed along routes across Scotland. 

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