What happens when you’re taken into hospital with coronavirus?

Hospitals across Scotland are converting wards into extra intensive care units to treat patients diagnosed with Covid-19.

For most of us, contracting coronavirus will likely end in a full recovery at home.

But more than 1500 people in Scotland are having hospital treatment and many medical institutions, such as The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (RIE), are preparing for a potential influx of much higher numbers.

NHS Lothian board papers say the total capacity will be under strain throughout April and probably beyond.

Kenzie Smith, senior charge nurse at the RIE, told STV News what patients should expect if they are admitted to hospital with symptoms of Covid-19.

“They come up here, they have a swab, that’s taken and sent away, that takes about 24 hours to come back,” she said.

“Once we have an idea whether they’re positive or negative for Covid we can move the patient to the most appropriate place for the care to continue.

“But whilst they’re here with us in that 24-hour period, lots of our patients are sick, lots of our patients may die with us,” she added.