What can pupils expect from their driving lessons post-lockdown?

Driving lessons are set to resume from Monday, August 24.

Driving instructors are allowed to resume their work on Monday but have to follow some new procedures to ensure the safety of both their pupils and themselves.

Robin Gower from Libberton, South Lanarkshire, told STV News that despite having enjoyed a break from work and some quality time with his family, he is excited to get back in his car.

“The training vehicle will be comprehensively sanitised before every lesson using standard household cleaning materials and alcohol-based agents,” he said.

Before each lesson, Mr Gower will talk to the students about their health, will make sure they use hand sanitiser and might check their temperature.

He will also ensure that a face mask is worn at all times while in the vehicle.

Despite the few changes, Mr Gower aims to make the process as smooth as possible to ensure his pupils feels safe and enjoy the learning process.