Unmuted: Wet Wet Wet ready to rise from lockdown

Drummer Tommy Cunningham says band members are enjoying a new lease of life.

Wet Wet Wet drummer Tommy Cunningham says lockdown has helped give the band a new lease of life.

The Wets have been busy during lockdown, recording a new album and also preparing for a series of online shows featuring new versions of their chart-topping singles.

The band will stream the sessions to give long-time fans the chance to hear some long lost classics.

Speaking to STV entertainment reporter Laura Boyd, Cunningham said: “Wet Wet Wet have been in lockdown, unable to do any shows.

“So we figured out a way to get ourselves into a room where we can do the classic songs.”

He added: “You’ll be able to see the joy on our faces because it’s the first time we’ve been able to play a gig for a year.”

While lockdown has put the brakes on the band’s hectic touring schedule, it has allowed them the space to record a new album, their first with new frontman Kevin Simm.

Cunningham continued: “We have struggled to make a new album for four or five years.

“But here we are, we had the opportunity to define it, to sit in our houses individually and get the intricacies of each song put together.

“It’s going to be as good as Popped In Souled Out right back at the start.”