Unmuted: Sylvester McCoy still game for a laugh in lockdown

Laura Boyd spoke to the veteran Scottish star about how he is keeping his spirits up during the pandemic.

He may be famous for playing Doctor Who, but with no TARDIS in sight, how has Sylvester McCoy been coping with lockdown?

The 77-year-old chatted to Laura Boyd about how he’s adapted to life during the pandemic.

“It’s not been nearly as horrible as I thought it might be, I found I actauly quite enjoy my own company.”

Ahead of the release of his latest film ‘The Owners’ the veteran actor revealed that there’s one role he can’t seem to shake when visiting Glasgow.

Despite starring in a number of Hollywood blockbusters, it seems his cameo in Still Game the one people remember the most.

“Every time I go to Glasgow, I only get one thing …Archie.”

“When I go down the street, people go ‘Hey Archie’ and I wonder who Archie is, then I realise it’s me.”