Salmon fishing on River Tay in full swing as restrictions ease

Anglers are travelling from across the country to fish on the iconic river.

Salmon fishing on the iconic River Tay is back in full swing as lockdown restrictions continue to ease.

David Godfrey, a ghillie at Cargill, is happy to be getting back on the river surrounded by fellow anglers.

He said: “It’s super to see people back, it’s been a great thing for anglers to get back here on the river.

“Everybody’s talking to me about how great it is for their own mental health to get back out and socialise a bit with people and catch some fish.”

The number of salmon caught on the Tay has stalled in recent years, but there are signs the tide is turning.

Last year catches soared mid-way through the season with more young fish returning from the sea.

David Summers, spokesperson for Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board, is hopeful that the early part of the summer is going to become the best part of the season.

With an increase in the number of anglers heading for a cast along the banks of the River Tay and following a bumper fishing season last summer, there’s hope for more tight lines this year on Scotland’s iconic salmon river.