Q&A: What do children know about coronavirus?

Abigail and Craig answer a few questions regarding Covid-19 and life under lockdown.

Five-year-old Craig Hutton and four-year-old Abigail Parker have been quizzed on coronavirus.

The pandemic is changing people’s lives around the world – not least children who’ve been off school for two months with no prospect of going back before the summer holidays.

Some parents have interviewed their children about the virus and life under lockdown to find out what they understand and how it is affecting them.

The questionnaire trend started on Facebook where many post their answers online to entertain their friends.

Michelle Parker, from Edinburgh, filmed daughter Abigail hilariously answering her questions on coronavirus.

Laura Kelly Hutton, from South Lanarkshire, did the same with her son Craig.

Abigail resorts to medicine when asked about how to combat the virus while Craig would rather “stamp it with a pair of outdoors boots and kill it”.

The two youngsters replied to all the questions and proved that despite being so little they have an understanding of what is going on around them.