Photographing Sean Connery: An assignment in the Bahamas

Glasgow-based freelance photographer Wattie Cheung recalls his appointment with 007 at his home in the Caribbean.

Following the news of Sir Sean Connery’s death, famous faces, friends and fans have been sharing their memories of the Scottish star who was a genuine film icon.

And one person who got a rare glimpse into the life of the movie legend was Glasgow-based freelance photographer Wattie Cheung.

Wattie recalled to STV News the time he was contacted by a newspaper one snowy February afternoon and offered a very glamorous assignment – the opportunity to photograph Connery at his home in the Bahamas.

He said: “The reporter phoned me and asked me if I was busy that week. I kind of asked her ‘what was it to do?’, and she said ‘well, we would like you to go to the Bahamas and photograph Sean Connery’. And I went ‘well, let me guess, yes, I think that will do’.

“Normally when you arrive at these places you expect giant mansions but his was a very modest bungalow.

“When you went inside it wasn’t as sparse as you think it would be. There was lots of art. A lot of art and a lot of furniture.

“He was very pleasant, Very appeasing and easy to work with. I think he’s better-looking in real life and even at the age of, I think he was 81 at the time when I photographed him, he was a good looking man and I wish I was as good looking as that now!”