Pensioner takes first steps after 68-day Covid-19 battle

Bob Morning, known as 'Bob the joiner' was given a round of applause as he left ICU.

Staff in Ninewells Hospital applauded after a pensioner walked out of ICU after 68 days of fighting Covid-19.

Bob Morning was first admitted to Ninewells Hospital with Covid-19 on April 4 and was moved to ICU five days later.

The joiner, from Dundee, continued fighting the virus for a further 63 days. The virus left Bob unable until move just three weeks ago.

However, on Wednesday Bob, affectionately known as ‘Bob the joiner’ by staff, was able to take a few steps and walk out of the intensive care unit.

Staff from the hospital lined the corridor to applaud Bob as he waved and was taken to ward 3 in the hospital where he will continue his recovery.

Valerie Guilford, an ICU nurse at Ninewells, said: “He truly is an inspiration to all of us. 

“All of the ICU team will miss Bob’s banter and wish him all the best with his recovery.”