Man ‘walks’ 26 miles on garden treadmill to raise NHS funds

A 61-year-old man put on a kilt and completed a walk to raise money for hospital staff combatting coronavirus.

A Scots Guards veteran walked 26 miles on a treadmill in his back garden to raise money for the NHS.

John Bradley, 61 from Bellshill, South Lanarkshire decided to challenge himself after speaking to a hospital worker.

He told John it is very hot in the hospital wards so he decided to purchase some desktop ice makers for the staff to allow them to have a cold and refreshing drink while on shift.

This video shows the moment John successfully completed his walk and was greeted at the finish line with a medal and a drink.

John has set up a Crowdfunder page hoping to get as many people as possible to donate for this cause.

“I hope you will all get behind me in my quest to help do a wee bit for the very brave men and women of our NHS.”