Machetes and meat cleavers: Magnet fishermen attract a different catch

Magnet fishing has become a popular hobby and some unusual items have been recovered.

The catch of the day is a little different for this group of magnet fishing enthusiasts.

The hobby is popular among those looking to find artefacts and metal objects.

But the items found in the Glasgow canals have been a bit unusual.

Machetes, meat cleavers and even a gun are among the objects that have been retrieved.

And it’s the unknown of what lies beneath the water that has made the activity so popular.

Magnet fishing enthusiast David McNair said: “The suspense is a big thing, finding something new, trying to figure out what it is, how old it is, where it came from and last of all how it ended up in the water

“It’s all mystery but it’s fun mystery.”

And Hazel McGeachin finds the magnet fishing helps with her mental health.

She said: “It’s absolutely amazing. It’s done my mental health the world of good. It’s just lifted my spirits and everything.”

The magnet fishermen, whose arranged gatherings now attract up to 80 enthusiasts, are working with Police Scotland to establish what to do with their more dangerous finds.

They are also hoping to win the approval of Scottish Canals, which doesn’t allow magnet fishing.

Richard Millar, Scottish Canals’ director of Infrastructure, heritage, enterprise and sustainability, said: “While we welcome the group’s passion and determination to get involved in our canal network, magnet fishing is currently not allowed on Scotland’s canals without permission.

“Scottish Canals need to ensure the safety of those taking part in magnet fishing and that it doesn’t cause any damage to the canal itself. Our canal network is a 200-year-old working heritage structure and we must ensure that we preserve these structures and mitigate any possibilities of damaging them.

“We are in discussions with the Glasgow Magnet Fishing Club around a possible partnership with them, which will identify safe areas to magnet fish along our network. As part of our discussions with the group we will work together to ensure we protect the environment, the public and our staff.”