Lifeline offers support for emergency workers’ mental health

A new online hub has launched to offer support and guidance to blue light workers across Scotland.

A new online hub has launched to support emergency service workers with their mental health.

The Lifelines project offers an online resource to support blue light workers in Scotland.

Around 33 million 999 calls were made in the UK last year. Research shows that those who respond to them are more likely to experience mental ill health than the rest of the population and are less likely to seek help.

Gail Thompson from the Scottish Ambulance Service told STV News that the strain of her job had adversely affected her mental health.

She said: “I heard somebody say you can’t walk through water and not expect to get wet.

“You’re dealing with human suffering, people who are maybe dealing with the worst day of their lives, some of that might seep into our daily lives as well.”

In a message to other emergency workers, she added: “Put your own oxygen mask on first. We don’t have to be heroes all the time.”