How to stop your glasses steaming up with a face mask on

An optometrist filmed himself giving people tips on how to wear a mask without it affecting their vision.

An optometrist has offered a few tips on how to avoid glasses steaming up when wearing a face covering.

Gordon Kyle, the owner of Miller & McClure Opticians in Paisley, has been working to provide an easy solution for people struggling to keep their lenses clear while protecting themselves.

He told STV News: “I decided to film the video as I had seen and heard lots of people having difficulty with their glasses steaming up with the use of face masks.

“Many people use soap, washing-up liquid and shaving foam and I have concerns that these may cause long-term damage to the lenses, the frame or both.”

Mr Kyle suggests people should be wearing the masks so they sit behind their glasses.

He also said using tissue paper along the top edge of the mask can prevent the lenses steaming up.

His last tip is to tie a knot on the string of the covering so it sits more comfortably on the face.

Mr Kyle posted the video on his business’ Facebook page and many have thanked him for his tips.

He said: “I never thought the video would travel so far and wide.

“I love being able to pass advice that may help and I think people need to try different things as everyone has different face shapes, glasses sizes, as well as mask types.”