How to make the perfect pancake stack on Shrove Tuesday

Laurie Macmillan from Cafe Strange Brew in Glasgow gave us a few tips on how to make the best pancakes.

Whether you like thick scotch pancakes or thin crepes, everyone can agree that Pancake Day is one of the best days of the year. 

A day dedicated to the delicious combination of eggs, milk and flour, Pancake Day’s origins are thought to have begun around 1000 AD and are intrinsically linked with the celebration of Easter.

Taking place exactly 47 days before Easter Sunday, each year the date of Shrove Tuesday varies and it can fall anytime between the start of February and the beginning of March.

But how do you make the best pancakes?

According to Laurie Macmillan, the owner of Cafe Strange Brew in Glasgow, the perfect stack consists of thick pancakes enriched with butter with baking powder to make them extra fluffy. 

She adds that pancakes are often full of nostalgia, and while the stacks she serves in her cafe are topped with everything from bacon and banana to pineapple and panna cotta, she says that sometimes the classic lemon and sugar topping is the best.