Girl, 9, surprises friend with music video during lockdown

Nine-year-old Sophie wrote Devin a song after the friends were forced to spend four months apart due to the spread of Covid-19.

A young girl wrote a song and produced a music video with her uncle to show her best friend how much she missed her during lockdown.

Sophie Mcgeever from Clydebank and Devin are both nine years old and have been friends since they were babies.

Sophie’s mum, Mandy, told STV News: “They used to meet at groups like Bookbug and Mother & Toddlers, then they went to nursery together and are now in the same class at school as well as attending the same dance academy.

“The girls are very close and spend at lot of time together, going on playdates and even holidays together.”

As the coronavirus spread across the UK, forcing people into lockdown, the two girls were forced to be apart for four months.

Mandy said: “Sophie has missed Devin a lot during lockdown and at times was sad and upset about it.

“She was also really missing school and her teacher and struggled with the thought of missing out on her last months of primary four.”

Sophie decided to write a song that she could send to Devin to let her know how much she was missing her and then asked her uncle Jamie Coleman to record it for her.

Jamie is very proud of his niece and her efforts, he told STV News: “It has been the most professional recording session I’ve ever had.”

He said Sophie knew exactly what she wanted from this project and got her sister involved as well to speak at the beginning of the clip.

However, as lockdown restrictions are easing across the country, Sophie managed to hand deliver her music video to Devin.

Sophie’s mum said: “We sent the video to Devin’s mum so she could show it to Devin and while she was watching it Sophie sneaked into the back garden to surprise her.

“They were so excited to see each other again and couldn’t stop hugging each other.

“It was great to see them together again.”