Family of Kevin McLeod hope police report will help others

Hugh and June McLeod, whose son's body was found in Wick harbour 23 years ago, have welcomed the report.

The family of Kevin McLeod whose body was found in Wick Harbour more than 20 years ago say they welcome a report into how complaints against the police are handled. 

The report by Dame Eilish Angiolini made 81 recommendations on issues such as race and diversity and how investigations into officers are carried out. 

Kevin’s family say the police probe into their son’s death had been flawed from the beginning and they believe he was murdered.

His father Hugh welcomed the recommendations but said it was unlikely to help in his son’s case.

However he hopes that the changes will help families in a similar position to him and wife June in the future. 

“If any recommendations are made it’s not going to make much difference in Kevin’s case,” he said.

“Moving forward, any other family that we would hope is not in the same position as us, fighting for 23 nearly 24 years, we would hope that any other family would have a better system to move forward and get answers a lot sooner.”