Coronavirus: My trip to the supermarket in lockdown Rome

Scottish-Italian citizen Toni Giugliano describes emergency 'social distancing' measures in Rome.

A Scot visiting Rome has told of his experience after all of Italy was put on lockdown over the coronavirus outbreak.

Toni Giugliano visited the country’s capital back when cases of the virus in Italy were predominantly restricted to northern parts of the country.

He described the extreme “social distancing” measures the Italian government has put into effect to try to contain Covid-19’s spread – including asking people in public to keep distance of at least one metre from one another.

There have been more than 9000 cases in Italy – with the worst outbreak in the world outside of China – and nearly 500 deaths.

Mr Giugliano is hoping to take an early flight back to the UK before flights out of the country are suspended.