Care worker reunited with daughter and fiancée after four months

The father decided to stay away from his family to protect them from Covid-19.

A care worker who decided to stay away from home during the pandemic to protect his family from Covid-19 has finally returned.

Shaun McCandless worked in a care home which provided support to older adults with dementia and palliative care.

He told STV News: “It was a difficult environment to work in.

“A lot of the people we supported were very confused as to what was going on and most of them were confined to their rooms to prevent cross contamination and limit a potential outbreak.

“I had to adjust to a new way of working.”

Shaun decided to stay away from home to avoid exposing his daughter and his pregnant partner, Iris, to the virus.

Shaun said: “My daughter and my other half have been amazing in supporting me.

“I know times have been tough for them, but I figured me being away during the peak of the outbreak was the safest option for them.”

Shaun is also particularly proud of his nine-year-old girl, Summer, who helped her mum while he was away.

“She had to deal with her dad leaving and her mum at home pregnant and unable to carry out her usual day to day activities.

“She was cleaning up, making breakfasts, hoovering, dusting, helping her mum dress and even putting on her shoes and socks.

“She really stepped up and she is just the most amazing little girl.”

Shaun decided to surprise his girls with an early return with the help of Iris’ brother.

An excuse was made to take them to Motherwell train station, where they spotted Shaun running towards them.

“We all shed some tears, very happy tears.,” Shaun said.

“It’s been a long four months and I’ve been through some amazing highs and some horrible lows, but I feel very proud of what myself and my colleagues accomplished and I feel very proud of my girls back home who held it all together.”

Shaun is now enjoying some time off work and the family is getting ready to welcome another baby girl in September.