Boy with autism receives special message from First Minister

Matthew Burrows, from Stirling, had been anxious about receiving care at home during lockdown.

A seven-year-old boy with autism was delighted to receive a reassuring video from the First Minister in response to his concerns over the coronavirus crisis.

Matthew Burrows, from Stirling, had been anxious about staying at home as he believed he was breaking the law by receiving outside care during lockdown, however Nicola Sturgeon sent him a comforting message.

In the video, she said it was okay for ENABLE Scotland carers to come in and provide support to both Matthew and twin sister Ava, giving mummy Kelly and mum Erica some respite.

Over the moon: Matthew was delighted with the First Minister's video.

After receiving the video, Erica Burrows said: “We just can’t believe it. The minute the video stopped, he turned to us and said ‘it’s okay now, the ladies can come in’.

“He is over the moon, and watching the First Minister’s video on repeat.  

“We can’t quite believe that she would take the time to do this, especially with everything else she has to do just now, and we are so grateful – but especially Matthew – he just loves her.

“And now we are getting the support we need as a family again.”