Adorable owl chicks from different climates enjoy photoshoot

The fluffy chicks get their pictures taken at the Scottish Owl Centre in West Lothian.

The three adorable baby owls enjoy a photoshoot at the Scottish Owl Centre in Whitburn.

The chicks are from different climates, ranging from the Arctic to the tropics, and are only a few weeks old.

With its beak wide open, a snowy owl aged two weeks old, suited to Arctic conditions, was snapped trying to cool down.

Ornithologist Rod Angus, said: “The snowy owl breeds mainly in the high Arctic.

“Fetlar in Shetland is the only place in the British Isles they’ve been known to breed.

“”It’s got its mouth open because it’s too hot.

“They lose heat by gaping, like a dog panting and hanging its tongue out.

“Snowy owls find Scotland too hot because they’re used to breeding in the Arctic.

It will be another six weeks before the chick can fly, and it has a less calm temperament than its companions, a rare band-bellied owl sitting beside it, and a tropical screech owl which is the smallest of the three.

The birds, born in West Lothian, have been growing steadily on a diet of rats and mice.