SPFL: ‘Last thing needed is division and infighting’

SPFL chief executive believes Scottish football should be united against coronavirus threat.

The SPFL has questioned the need for another investigation into the vote ending the lower-league season after Rangers, Hearts and Stranraer forced a general meeting – describing the move as a “distraction”.

The league body’s chief executive has said, at a time when Scottish football should be united against the threat of coronavirus, the authorities are dealing with “division and infighting”.

Speaking to STV, Neil Doncaster said the “last thing” they need during the current pandemic is to be spending time “fighting these vague allegations without a shred of evidence being produced against anyone”.

Mr Doncaster has already faced calls from Rangers to be suspended while an independent investigation is carried out into the vote.

The Ibrox club claimed, on April 11, to have been given evidence from a whistleblower which they said raises serious concerns surrounding the stewardship of the voting.

But Mr Doncaster said: “At a time when we should be working together, focussing on fighting the common enemy, which is Covid-19 and the huge damage that’s being reaped on Scottish football, other industries, life in Scotland, we have to be working together to combat that common enemy.

“Instead, we’ve simply got division, infighting and calls for what eight out of the nine members of the board believe to be an unnecessary and unwelcome investigation at a time when we should be focussing on the future and getting games back as soon as is safely possible.”

He added: “Frankly, I think the last thing we need is further division, further distraction and all of our time being spent on fighting these vague allegations without a shred of evidence being produced against anyone.”

If the Scottish Premiership fixtures are unable to be completed, the table will be decided on a points per game basis, which would see Celtic become champions.

Mr Doncaster said: “If that’s the case then the four clubs that the Scottish FA have indicated that they would nominate to UEFA would be Celtic, Rangers, Motherwell and Aberdeen.

“Of course we all hope that the remaining fixtures in season 19/20 can be played but if they can’t safely and without crashing into the new season then the resolution makes it very clear what will happen.”