Rangers claim ‘status quo cannot hold’ after EGM outcome

The Ibrox club wanted a probe into the circumstances of last month's vote after confusion over Dundee’s ballot.

Rangers claim ‘status quo cannot hold’ after EGM outcome

Rangers have claimed “the status quo cannot hold” in their first statement since calls for an independent inquiry in the SPFL’s vote to end the lower-league season were voted down.

At an EGM, forced by the Ibrox club with the support of Hearts and Rangers, 13 voted in favour of the investigation, while 27 were against and two clubs abstained.

Rangers, who have been critical of the SPFL’s governance, wanted a probe into the circumstances of last month’s vote after confusion over Dundee’s ballot, which ultimately proved decisive.

The club thanked their fellow requisitioners, who they said “showed courage and acted with dignity throughout” and offered appreciation to the clubs who voted in favour.

A statement continued: “Today’s vote has erased the false narrative of this issue simply being a conflict between one club and the SPFL. All we sought was urgently required scrutiny, respect for all member clubs, fairness and transparency.

“Significantly, support for the Hearts, Stranraer and Rangers requisition spanned the four professional divisions. Member clubs, recognising the need for Scottish football to improve its governance and professionalism, have moved beyond sporting rivalries and it would be unwise to regard this result as any kind of endorsement of the SPFL executive.”

It added: “A light has been shone on the SPFL’s governance and regardless of the attempts to debunk our report, there is widespread acknowledgment that it highlighted serious issues and failings which remain to be addressed.

“A management culture which not only fears accountability and scrutiny, but which actively campaigns against it, is unhealthy and breeds continued mistrust. This culture, so deeply embedded, must be addressed if Scottish football is to flourish.

“It is clear that many members have lost confidence in the SPFL leadership and the need for change will not diminish.

“The status quo cannot hold.”

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