Kilmarnock have time on their side in manager search

James Fowler says Alex Dyer is a safe pair of hands and the club will take time on a decision.

Kilmarnock’s head of football operations James Fowler says a combination of performances and results led to Angelo Alessio’s sacking but interim boss Alex Dyer gives the board comfort in taking time to consider their next move.

Alessio was removed from his post with the club fifth in the table but on a poor run of form. Fowler said there was no “one thing” that prompted the decision but a consideration of where the club was overall.

“All managers will get monitored in terms of results on the pitch, performances, how they deal with the group as well,” he said. “We’re in a decent position but the club just felt it was time for a change.

“There was nothing major, there was not one thing. The performances at the start of the season obviously got off to a sticky start, then had a good spell, then obviously recently I think it’s maybe one win in eight, which is obviously then a factor in where the club think they should be or want to be.”

Fowler said he had already received CVs from managers interested in the vacancy and said that the club would favour someone with a background in British football. However, he said Dyer’s appointment as interim boss allowed the Rugby Park hierarchy time to look at options and suggested the coach may decide he wants to be a contender.

“We spoke to Alex after we spoke to Angelo and asked if he would be good enough to take the team for the next two or three matches,” Fowler explained. “With the winter break it gives us a little more time.

“Alex has always had the interests of the club at heart and whether he wants the job or doesn’t he might find out in the next few weeks. It’s probably something you don’t know until you’ve tasted it.

“We’ll monitor and have close relationships with Alex but we don’t want it to be a trial or him to feel it’s about what he does in those three games. We’ve asked him to do the job in the short term and we’ll deal with that closer to January. “

Dyer said he was happy to take on the responsibility and do what was asked of him but he insisted he wouldn’t put himself forward as a candidate. However, he said if he was to be offered the role on a permanent basis then he would give it thought.

“I’m assistant manager now,” he said. “Obviously I’m in charge but I won’t be putting my name forward for the job.

“If the club turned round and said ‘do you want the job?’ then I will make a decision then but I will not be putting my name down and saying I want the job.”

“Of course, I would love to be a number one at one point but at this present time I have this job, which I want to do well.”

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