Woman says Alex Salmond grabbed her buttocks during photo

Former civil servant tells jury Salmond grabbed her 'forcibly' while a picture was being taken in 2014.

Woman says Alex Salmond grabbed her buttocks during photo Getty Images

A former civil servant in the Scottish Government told a court Alex Salmond grabbed her buttocks during a photograph.

The woman told the High Court in Edinburgh on Friday that the pair had been posing for a photo at an event in Scotland in November 2014 when former first minister Salmond grabbed her “forcibly”.

Ms K, as she is known for legal reasons, said she had been shocked but did not want to make a scene while the photo was being taken.

She added: “I think my heart stopped, my adrenaline started pumping a bit.

“It made me just mortified. I just wanted to do my job, I wanted to be proud of myself coming in and doing my job and it felt like I was demeaned, that it was unprofessional, that there was nothing I could do about it.”

The woman told the court it was not an accident but “very deliberate”.

She added: “I can see how hands might brush past places but this was very deliberate.”

Salmond is on trial over accusations of sexual assault, including an attempted rape.

The 65-year-old faces 14 charges of alleged offences against ten women, all of which he has denies. The charges span a period between June 2008 and November 2014.

Salmond’s lawyers previously lodged special defences of consent and alibi.

The trial, before judge Lady Dorrian, continues.