Train and tram services hit by torrential rain overnight

Train and tram services have been impacted after heavy rain throughout the country.

Train and tram services hit by torrential rain overnight Edinburgh Trams

Train and tram services throughout Scotland have been cancelled or changed after large parts of the country were hit by torrential rain overnight.

ScotRail services in the north east of the country are among those affected.

Journeys between Aberdeen and Inverness have been suspended due to a landslip between Keith and Huntly.

Services from Inverness will now terminate and start back from Keith while services from Aberdeen will do the same from Huntly.

Tramlines in Edinburgh have also been engulfed with water.

Flooding near the airport and between Gyle Centre and Edinburgh Gateway means services are running every 20 minutes to and from York Place and Edinburgh Station only.

Engineers are working to minimise the effects of the rainfall to ensure full route services can commence as soon as the flooding subsides.

Edinburgh Trams said on Edinburgh: “Due to severe flooding, services are operating to/from York Place and Edinburgh Park only.”

Customers affected have been told their tram tickets can be used on Lothian buses.