Take vitamin D while stuck indoors, health chiefs say

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde recommends that everyone take vitamin D supplements while lockdown measures are in place.

Health chiefs have issued a call for people to take vitamin D while spending more time indoors.

NHS Greater Glasgow said children, pregnant and breastfeeding women in particular should take a 10mg daily supplement.

But they advised anyone not going out often to also top-up.

Coronavirus lockdown means may people, especially those who don’t have gardens, might not be getting as much sunlight as needed.

The health board wrote on social media: “About 90% of our vitamin D is made by our body from the action of sunlight on our skin therefore being indoors for long periods means we cannot make enough vitamin D.”

Vitamin D can be found in rich foods such as oily fish and eggs, some breakfast cereals, margarine and yoghurt, however it is difficult to get enough vitamin D from food alone, which is why the NHS recommend to take a daily supplement.

Vitamin D supplements are widely available to purchase in most supermarkets and pharmacies.