Sturgeon: Social distancing measures should not be optional

The First Minister said the public health guidelines are a 'set of rules to be followed'.

Sturgeon: Social distancing measures should not be optional Getty

The advice to practice social distancing ‘should not be considered optional’, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Sunday.

Delivering her latest coronavirus briefing update in Edinburgh, she said public health guidelines are ‘a set of rules to be followed’.

“Life shouldn’t feel normal, so if your life still feels entirely normal ask yourself if you are doing the right things,” she said.

“All of us have a part to play in determining how serious this becomes,” she added.

Ayr Beach: Busy on Sunday.

Sturgeon appealed to Scots to do the “right things’ to protect the country’s National Health Service.

It comes as she confirmed the number of coronavirus deaths in Scotland had reached 10, with 416 known cases.

Sturgeon said “This figure is an underestimate of the true numbers that are likely to be infected.

“Every time you think meeting up with other people – ask if it is really necessary. Beaches should not be busy, parks should not be full,” she added.

The First Minister also said that ferry companies had been told to no longer transport “non-essential travellers” and that no young person with SQA coursework to complete should attend school to do so.