SPT chief executive suspended after ‘cloned car’ allegations

SPT confirmed on Sunday that Gordon Maclennan has been suspending whilst an investigation is carried out.

SPT chief executive suspended after ‘cloned car’ allegations iStock

The chief executive of Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) has been suspended after he was alleged to have driven an illegal cloned car.

It comes after the the Daily Record newspaper reported that Gordon Maclennan had two cars with the same registration plate.

Following an investigation, the newspaper pictured Maclennan driving a cloned silver Passat at his holiday home on the Isle of Lewis.

But, the newspaper said that an almost identical blue Passat car with the same registration was pictured at his office in Glasgow at the same time.

Maclennan denied the allegations when questioned by a reporter from the Daily Record.

On Sunday, it was confirmed that he had been suspended, pending an investigation.

An SPT spokesperson said: “Mr Maclennan is now suspended while an investigation is carried out.”