Sharp increase in people cycling during coronavirus lockdown

New stats show some areas have more than double the number of cyclists compared to March 2019.

The number of people cycling across Scotland has sharply increased during the coronavirus lockdown.

Cycling Scotland, funded by Transport Scotland, said some areas have seen more than double the number of cyclists since social distancing measures were introduced.

The organisation has a network of 60 automatic cycle counters across Scotland, with some areas showing more than double the number of cyclists compared to March 2019.

In Dunfermline, Fife, there was an increase of 215%, while at Capelrig Burn in Newton Mearns there was a 121% increase year on year.

Cycling Scotland chief executive Keith Irving said: “Many people are rediscovering cycling during lockdown, for exercise or essential journeys.

“I hope people continue to cycle when we emerge from this crisis and carry on benefiting from the massive positive impact cycling has on our physical and mental health.

“There are many brilliant organisations offering access to bikes for NHS and other key workers at the moment and we hope this can keep making a difference for people in the weeks to come.”

Transport Scotland reported that travel has fallen from an average of 2.7 to 0.9 trips per person per day, with the number of people travelling by road dropping by two thirds since the start of March 2020.

The locations of counters showing the biggest increase in people riding bikes are:

– Dunfermline: 215%

– Newton Mearns (Capelrig Burn): 121%

– Dundee (Arbroath Road): 94%

– Livingston: 66%

– Bathgate: 51%

– Denny: 53%

– Kirkcaldy: 30%

– Dumfries (Cargenbridge): 29%

– Dunoon: 17%

– Helensburgh: 16%.