Facemasks no longer recommended in social care as Covid cases fall

The decision was taken following a 'sharp drop' in coronavirus infections, the Scottish Government said.

Scottish Government announce facemasks no longer recommended in social care as Covid cases fall iStock

Facemasks will no longer be advised for staff and visitors in social care settings in a further easing of coronavirus measures.

The decision was made due to a “sharp drop” in coronavirus infections and a reduction in the severity of illness.

Masks and face coverings can still be worn if recommended in certain situations.

This could include a local outbreak of coronavirus, or if staff decide it to be necessary.

The Scottish Government made the announcement on Wednesday.

It is hoped that the recommendation being dropped will allow care home residents and their loved ones to benefit from more relaxed visiting arrangements.

Social care minister Kevin Stewart described the move as the “latest step” in the path to recovering from the pandemic.

“Our phenomenally successful vaccination programme has driven down infections and saved the NHS from untold pressures,” he said.

“Removing the need for facemasks in social care settings including care homes is the latest step in our path to recovering from the pandemic.

“This will make communication and relationships easier in care settings, benefitting mental health and promoting the rights and choices of those working in and using social care.”

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