Scotland to be hit with snow this week as spring heatwave ends

Scots are set to face wintry conditions despite basking in the sunshine in recent days. 

Scotland to be hit with snow this week as spring heatwave ends Getty Images

Scotland is set for snow this week despite basking in the sunshine in recent days. 

The country can expect to see ice and snowfall from Tuesday as the spring heatwave comes to end.

The majority of Scotland is predicted to be affected and the worst of the wintry conditions are expected to hit on Wednesday.

The Met Office has yet to issue any wintry weather warnings but experts are likely to issue an alert for snow and ice later this week.

STV Weather presenter Philip Petrie said: “Overnight tonight we start to see a weak cold front coming down across Shetland and Orkney, and it is this front that marks a big divide between temperatures.

“Tuesday overall will be wetter and cooler, with much colder air spreading southwards and wintry showers following behind.

“There is a risk at the moment of snow above 400-500m across the Cairngorms, however the showers through the latter half of the day are heavier and the freezing level is lower so we could see snow even down to lower levels for Shetland and Orkney by sunset.

“Overnight Tuesday and Wednesday we continue to see heavy snow showers moving southwards, giving us some snow accumulations on roads as far south as the A9 and higher level routes through the Cairngorms and the Highlands. 

“The level of disruption is quite low at the moment though, as the high temperatures we have been experiencing lately means road temperatures are quite high too.

“So any snow that lands shouldn’t hang around for long, and will easily melt away thanks to the surface temperature and any tires driving across. 

“It’s not out of the ordinary to see snow at this time of year, but given the fact we have had a spell of such warm and pleasant, settled weather it will be noticed and noteworthy.”