Scotland set for second summer heatwave with temperatures reaching 28C

After hot days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the mercury will peak on Friday and Saturday.

Scotland set for second summer heatwave with temperatures to rocket to 28C Jeff J Mitchell / Staff via Getty Images

Scotland is set to see temperatures soar into the high-20s this week as a second summer heatwave moves across the country.

Inland Aberdeenshire, Perthshire, Stirlingshire, North Lanarkshire, West Lothian and around Glasgow can expect to see the hottest weather with temperatures reaching highs of 28C.

After hot days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures will peak on Friday and Saturday.

“We’ve seen intense heat wax and wane all summer around Iberia and France and, of course, this has drifted further north across the UK with new national temperature records set,” said STV meteorologist Sean Batty.

“Another plume of intense heat is heading north in the coming days, although it won’t be as extreme as a few weeks ago when the Borders hit the mid-30s.

“Some haar is likely to develop later in the week along the east coast, and as usual this will hold the temperatures back here, but just a few miles inland the temperatures will be significantly higher.”

But the far north and north west will see more cloud and occasional rain with temperatures remaining in the mid to high teens, Sean said, although a bit more sunshine could be seen on Friday and Saturday.

The Met Office has issued a four-day amber warning for extreme temperatures in parts of England and Wales as the new heatwave looms. Down south forecasters predict 35C in places.

“Hosepipe bans have already been put in place in some areas of England, but things are not quite as bad for us here yet,” said Sean.

“However, this week there will be no rain for most areas and our soil is already very dry, especially across Aberdeenshire, Fife, Lothians, Dundee and Edinburgh, so this won’t help.

“So while this is great news for most of us, and especially the kids coming into their last week or so of the holidays, but for farmers the drought woes continue.

“The warm sunny weather will start to break down early next week with a return to cooler and wetter conditions. But don’t worry, that won’t be the end of summer.

“I reckon with the extreme heat that’s built up this summer, it’s likely that we’ll still see occasional surges of warm air and more settled conditions coming north for the next several weeks.”