Scotland sees slight rise in number of firearm crimes

Despite the increase, offences are at their second-lowest figure on record.

Scotland sees slight rise in number of crimes involving a firearm  iStock

The number of crimes in Scotland involving a firearm has risen slightly, according to official statistics.

But, the 341 offences recorded in 2019/2020 is still the second-lowest figure since records began in 1980.

Official statistics were published by Police Scotland on Tuesday.

They show an increase of 3% on the period for 2018/2019 when 332 offences were recorded.

It is down by 2% on the 348 offences that were recorded by police during 2017/2018.

The most commonly committed offences involving a firearm in the latest period were possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life, or to commit crime (making up 33% of incidents).

Meanwhile, breach of the peace (14%) and robbery (11%) were also outlined as common offences.

There was also an increase in the number of offences in which a firearm was discharged and caused fatal or non-fatal injury.

It increased by seven (26%) to 34 in 2019/2020 from the 27 offences recorded in 2018/2019.

A pistol/revolver was the main firearm used in 28% of all offences, including the alleged involvement of a firearm, police said.

Over half (55%) of offences saw weapons used to threaten, whilst 12% were fired without any injuries or damage caused.

A total of 9% were fired resulting in either fatal or non-fatal injury, whilst 7% were used to damage property.

The majority of offences (40%) took place in a home, with the vast number (96%) of perpetrators being men, with an average age of 28-years-old.