Scotland ‘has third most successful Covid booster rollout in world’

New data reveals that Scotland only falls behind Iceland and Chile when measuring the vaccine booster rollout per 100 people.

Scotland ‘has third most successful Covid booster rollout in world’ iStock

Scotland has the third most successful Covid vaccine booster programme in the world, according to new figures.

New research from Our World in Data, that measures each countries vaccine booster rollout per 100 people, found that Scotland has administered 53 booster vaccines.

This only falls behind Iceland, who have administered 58 vaccines, and Chile, who have given out 55 jags per 100 people.

Scotland’s health secretary Humza Yousaf took to Twitter to praise the news, saying: “An incredible achievement by all of those involved in our vaccination programme, my thanks to each and every one of them.

“We have one of the most successful Booster programmes in the World, get yourself #BoostedByTheBells.”

It comes after figures released on Wednesday that showed 2,901,719 Scots have had their booster vaccine – after the vaccination programme was accelerated in a bid to curb the threat posed by the new Omicron variant.

The data shows Scotland is ahead of the UK, who sit at 49 vaccines per 100 people, followed by Bahrain (48), Denmark (46), Israel (45), Uruguay (44) and Ireland (41).

The lowest number of booster vaccines were given by Italy (31), followed by France (32) and Greece (33).